• The Riding Workshop Dressage Simulator
  • Ride forward with technology
  • Enables up close training from your instructor
  • Great fun for children or people with disabilities
  • Always a great ride, always good fun
  • Produces better performance
  • Produces better results

The Dressage Simulator - Ride forward with technology

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The simulation presents four types of ride;



Welcome to The Riding Workshop

Our aim at The Riding Workshop is to provide an environment where all levels of rider can improve their skills. Using a dressage simulator enables us to provide an analytical approach to your riding.

The purpose built workshop with simulator, full length mirrors and video analysis allows the rider to assess their position from all angles. while riding. The simulator allows you to concentrate on yourself and accelerate the learning process. These skills and improvements can then be transferred to your own horse when riding and competing.

Riding a simulator is useful for every type of rider, novice or experienced whether learning to canter or fine tuning your position.

At the Riding Workshop you can enjoy a constructive and fun training session in a safe pleasant and private environment.

Advantages of the Dressage Simulator

  • High specification dressage simulator capable of performing movements to Grandprix.
  • Biomechanical analysis of the rider's balance, leg and rein aids.
  • Allows the rider to focus on improving their position and performance.
  • Ideal for nervous riders and those returning from injury.
  • Fully appointed studio with mirrors and live video feed.
  • The simulator gives visual feedback on your riding allowing you, the rider, to see how small subtle changes can result in a better performance.
  • Ideal for rehabilitation after injury or returning to riding after a break.
  • Riding on a simulator can benefit all types of rider and disciplines.

Benefits for Disabled Riders

The simulator provides a unique opportunity for disabled people to experience riding in a safe environment. The motion of riding forward/backwards and laterally has a strengthening effect on core muscles and coordination. There are many benefits associated with hippotherapy but most importantly this is a great, fun, confidence building activity for those with a disability.